During hurricane season we want to assure you that TotalBank has taken steps to safeguard your privacy and all your information so that before and after a storm our response to your needs is timely and effective. We understand that after a storm you want to get back to your normal life so we try to get back up and running as soon as we safely can, so you can too!

As part of our preparedness plan, we want to inform you of the Bank's policy in the event of a hurricane:

How long prior to a hurricane will branches be open?

TotalBank will remain open during a HURRICANE WATCH and will monitor the storm's progress. During this time the Bank will begin to secure its properties. 

The Bank will close all offices when a HURRICANE WARNING has been issued to allow time for our employees to join their families and complete their preparations. All TotalBank banking centers will post signage announcing the closing of the facility.

Because the Bank will be shutting down its operations, special deadlines for wires and other services may be set. The most updated information will be posted on the website as well as available by calling our emergency hotline at 1-866-448-7851. For Online Banking, Bill Pay, and Mobile Banking support please call (305) 448-6500 or Toll Free (888) 682-5932. For Cash Management, Remote Deposit Capture, and LockBox support please call (305) 982-3770.

How do I make a withdrawal if the Bank is closed?

All TotalBank ATM’s will remain operational even if the bank is closed. You may access your account(s) with your TotalBank ATM or Debit card. Our ATMs will remain operational so long as there is power.

You may also make withdrawals from non-TotalBank ATMs. If you use an ATM that is in the Publix Super Markets PRESTO network, you will not be charged either a fee from TotalBank for Non-TotalBank ATM usage or a surcharge from the ATM owner. ATMs in the Surcharge Free exchanges can be found using FIND US. Please be aware that there are fees for using other ATMs both from TotalBank and possibly from the institution or business providing the service.

How will I know which branches are open after a hurricane? 

TotalBank will set up a hotline with up-to-date information during a Hurricane Warning and keep the information updated throughout the storm. You can reach the hotline at any time by calling 1-866-448-7851

How can I access my account information remotely? 

If you have not signed up for Online Banking yet, now is the perfect time. With access to your Online Banking account 24 hours a day you can check your account information at any time no matter the weather. 

If you do not already have Free Online Banking access, please click here.