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Rewards Personal Money Market Regular Savings Minor's Savings (18 or younger)
Certificates of Deposits*

Amount to Open



Interest PaidVariable Tiered RatesVariable RateVariable RateFixed Rate
Maintenance Fee Amount/Frequency$20/Month$15/QuarterNo Maintenance FeeNone
Minimum Balance to Waive Maintenance Fee $2,500 daily or 
$5,000 average daily
$500 daily or
$1,000 average daily
Minimum Balance to Earn Interest$2,500 daily$500 dailyNo minimumCertificate Amount

Check WritingLimitedNoneNoneNone
Per Item Fees$10 per withdrawal in excess of 6 per statement cycle1$1 per withdrawal in excess of 10 / quarter1NoneN/A

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*Early withdrawal penalties apply.
¹Federal regulations limit the number of withdrawals and/or transfers that may be made from a money market or savings account by preauthorized transfer, telephone/PC transfer (including bill payments), check or debit card. These types of withdrawals and transactions are limited to 6 per monthly statement cycle.