Access all your financial information in one place, anytime and anywhere with the Money Management tool.
Money Management from TotalBank is a powerful online tool, which can help you monitor financial activity across all your accounts in one place, simplifying the way you track your finances. Accounts can be linked from most financial institutions including checking, savings, mortgage, personal loans, credit cards and more. Money Management automatically categorizes your transactions and creates a consolidated list of your recent transactions from all accounts to make them easier for you to review and work with. 

Money Management doesn’t just list your account balances – it does so much more! 

  • Know where your money is going, by category, so you can better understand your spending habits.
  • Create budgets to help you set realistic monthly spending limits and monitor your progress.
  • Prioritize goals and plan ahead for your long-term financial objectives.
  • Set-up email alerts to keep you notified of important things happening with your accounts, like a low balance or upcoming debt payment.
  • Use the Cash Flow tab to comb through your transactions and better understand your historical spending habits and predict future spending.

The Money Management tool helps you take control of your money. 

My TurboTax®

My TurboTax makes it easier for you to prepare your taxes. You can easily and securely import your TotalBank account data directly into your tax return, save time and ensure accuracy.

TurboTax offers you the security of double checking the accuracy of your work every step of the way.
  • Faster with fewer mistakes – Secure data transfer means you spend less time entering the data and fewer mistakes.
  • Fast tax refunds – Easy direct deposit to your TotalBank account gets you your refund in the fastest way possible.
For more information regarding My TurboTax sign into TotalBank Online Banking and click the My TurboTax link. 

Direct Connect with Quicken® Software or QuickBooks® 
Link up with Direct Connect today. Giving you the flexibility and control you want. Direct Connect features a one-step update - fastest and easiest way for you to connect with TotalBank. 
  • Have a direct connection with your Quicken or QuickBooks program.
  • Access your account information, pay bills, transfer money and send other instructions to your Online Banking account from your Quicken or QuickBooks.

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