Total e-Instant Deposit - Remote Deposit Capture* 

Handle checks? Remote Deposit Capture may be for you!
Fast and secure commercial deposits - at any time - without ever leaving the office.

Here’s how Total e-Instant Deposit works:

1) Domestic checks are scanned in your office using an approved digital scanner and converted into digital images.
2) Deposit is processed online through the Total e-Instant Deposit interface.
3) Deposit is electronically credited to the designated TotalBank account.

Good for Your Business

  • No need to go to the Bank to make deposits.
  • Ability to make deposits daily means your funds may be available sooner.
  • Deposits can be scanned and transmitted to the Bank up until moments before cut off time for same day processing.
  • Simple to get started and easy to use requiring only a personal computer, scanner and Internet access.

Flexible... Detailed... Secure

  • Scan deposits from any remote office or storefront, consolidate deposits from several locations, and increase deposit accuracy.
  • Review daily transactions and reports.
  • Robust data security including data transmission via secure Internet connection
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*Remote Deposit Capture is subject to approval and is only available to domestic customers.