LockBox Processing

Power-up your LockBox needs with TotalBank!

A fully automated, online payment processing service, ideally suited for any coupon payment processing task.

TotalBank’s secure, browser-based online LockBox Service provides the highest level of financial control, efficiency, convenience and accuracy. And the browser interface is simple and easy to use.

Save Time, Save Money

  • Management and handling costs are reduced and the service provides secure and easy access to check images and reports.
  • LockBox payment processing saves time and increases convenience and productivity.
  • TotalBank’s LockBox Service is secure. Access to the system uses multi-factor authentication.
  • Payments are mailed to a P.O. Box and are processed every business day.
  • Payments are credited to your designated account and the image is captured.

Retail Payment Processing

  • Designed for companies receiving large volumes of coupon payments.
  • Captures payment information and provides transmissions to update your accounts receivable.
  • Retail LockBox transmissions can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Wholesale Payment Processing

  • Accelerates the collection of large denomination checks
  • Customers remit payments directly to a unique post office box
  • Transported daily by bank courier to the Bank LockBox processing center.

Property Management Payment Processing

  • Ideal for management companies with multiple homeowner associations
  • Payments are received and electronically sorted, deposited into the correct association bank account, and an electronic posting file with the payment information is transmitted to the management company on a daily basis.

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