Fraud Prevention Services

TotalBank helps you protect your business against fraud!

Positive Pay Account Reconciliation

A service that helps safeguard against check fraud and forgery. With Positive Pay Account Reconciliation, presented checks are compared against a list of checks that have been issued, enabling the identification of discrepancies between the presented check and the issued check. When a discrepancy between a presented check and an issued check is found, it is flagged as an exception.

Here’s how the Positive Pay account reconciliation service works:

  • Customer uploads a file of issued items (checks) or manually enter the items into the system.
  • TotalBank creates exception report of discrepancies between issued and presented checks.
  • Customer reviews unmatched items. 
  • Customer makes the decision to Pay or Return unmatched items, online. 

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Filters

The ACH Filter Service gives you flexibility in managing your ACH Debits and Credits:
  • Authorize single, multiple or recurring ACH debits
  • Authorize an exact or maximum amount of any electronic debit transaction
  • Select other filtering criteria, including the name of the originating company and ID number.

ACH Blocks

Help protect your business from unauthorized ACH entries by automatically blocking those ACH debits and/or credits from posting to an account. Unauthorized ACH transactions are automatically returned to the originating bank.

  • Block all ACH transactions
  • Block all Debits or all Credits
  • Use specific criteria: ACH transaction code, company ID, company name, or standard entry class (SEC) code. These blocks or stop payments can be automatically flagged for return.

Trusteer Rapport Protection Against Malware

Dedicated online banking security software protects against financial malware and phishing attacks.

Rapport provides an extra layer of protection, working alongside your anti-virus software and firewall to help:

  • Prevent malware and fraudulent websites from stealing your Online ID, Passcode and other sensitive information
  • Shield your online bank account from prying eyes
  • Keep your computer malware-free by blocking malware installation and removing existing infections.

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